It should be important for all pet lovers to receive the best nutrition. To understand how to find the best pet food, let’s go back to the beginning and see how pet food came to be.

Pet food was originally made from leftover grain and cereals.

It was not nutritious, but the crop was rejected for human consumption. At the time, there was an anti-waste movement, so these products were used as pet food. It was also the beginning of a whole new industry. It soon became clear to many that these leftovers of grain and cereals were not enough for adequate nutrition. Therefore, the protein was added in the form of meat. It provided that the beloved pets could grow up without malnutrition.

Although the meat was added, it was not premium meat, but it was rejected for human consumption. This meat is commonly referred to as dead, sick, dying, disabled, or addicted, a mouth-watering combination. Although this began a long time ago, rejected animals of all kinds are still used in commercial Glow Pet Food today. Ground bones, feathers, and heads are still widely used as protein sources. Difficult to digest fillers and harmful chemicals are still used.

Glow Pet Food

For these reasons, the lifespan of our pets is becoming shorter and shorter. It is unfortunate because cats and dogs have the genetic potential to live in their twenties or thirties, but due to poor nutrition, they only live to be adolescents.

When choosing the best pet food, there are certain rules to follow. Some things shouldn’t be in pet food. Corn, wheat, and soy are ingredients, particularly cereals, and should never be included in your pet’s feed. These ingredients are used to increase the percentage of protein, but they are all challenging to digest. You must learn how to read pet food packaging labels to know exactly what they contain.

These difficult-to-digest proteins can strain the kidneys, and this is one reason pets can be classified as elderly when they are only five or six years old. These ingredients are also known to cause allergies. Sometimes, allergies are treated with medication when they have to eliminate the food that is causing them from their diet. Instead of using these grains, meat should be used as the main source of protein.

By-products are the main ingredients in some of today’s most popular pet foods. Byproducts are similar to corn, wheat, and soy in that they are challenging to digest. Intestines, chicken heads, duck beaks, and fish heads are animal parts that are not suitable for human consumption and should not be expected to be nutritious for your pet.


Today will be a meat and bone meal. The disgusting ingredient can legally keep pets and dead animals on the side of the road or in the vet’s office. These animals could die from any illness, injury, or natural cause.