Are you planning to purchase a furry kitten to your house? Well, this is the best decision ever made by you because you are bringing something into your life which can drive away all the worries. As a new and thrilling lifestyle starts from now on watching your cat jumping and running around the house, and playing with different stuff.

Normally every healthy kitten is active and playful, and they always need something to play with. Once you provide them with a single toy, then they can play with that single toy for several hours. Then you need to know that kittens are not like the fully grown kittens, so whenever you are out to shop the Kitten Toys then you need, to be really careful, and avoid the toys with sharp edges, as they might hurt them while playing.

Be Careful while Selecting Toys

And for that purpose, you need to select the toys really carefully, because your kitten is going to play with it, and even jump on it. As you know that kitten would follow anything that they find interesting, so you need to purchase a laser pointer, and just turn it on in front of your kitten. And you will see that our kitten will get excited, and try to catch that light. Once she pounces upon the light thinking that’s he already got it, and when she sees the light again then jumps over it again. But you need to be really careful while playing with laser light, just in case if kitten hits a wall or any other object that could hurt her.

Ball and Stuffed Toy

The next best and safe toy for your kitten is the ball. As mostly kittens require constant attention and supervision so that they do not get themselves hurt.But with the ball you need nothing to do like that, instead, you can relax in a chair or do some other chores, while your kitten is busy chasing and jumping over the ball all day along. Kittens never get bored with the ball and can play for as much as they can without any break.Then there are stick toys, and these type of toys easily catch the attention of your kitten. Basically, it is a plastic stick carrying a stuffed toy above it. Now when kitten hits it with her soft paws then it moves and then comes back in its original position.

Toy Mouse

So now your cat have a fighting as well as playing companion. As you all have seen the cartoons Tom & Jerry, where Tom never gets tired of chasing Jerry.Well, this is a reality, and in the same way, kittens just love to chase down any mouse they see.And now there are mouse toys available as well for your kitten. Just charge the mouse, and leave it on the ground, and let your kitten see it. From here a never-ending chase will start until your kitten catches it. Then there is a puzzle box. Even though kittens have nothing to do with the puzzle, but they just like the different colours on it, and try to play it just like a ball.