Cats are no doubt one of the loveliest creatures on earth with such a cute face and voice. Even though you are not fond of keeping pets at home, but that is for sure that you cannot just resist any cat you will find in a pet store. Wishing to keep a pet cat, and obviously having them is a totally different situation because as animal cats do not know that they have to use the bathroom when it is time. Instead they just leave their waste anywhere in the house, and as a result who house gets an unpleasantodour. So there is only one way out to keep your house clean and fragrant. And that way is to teach your cat to use the toilet.

Have Patience

Well if you are thinking that it will be an easy job then you need to reconsider your decision of keeping a cat. Cats were once known to rule the human kind in Ancient Egypt, and still, they are known for their proud attitude. Or in other words, it is not easy for any of you to tell your cat what to do.So you really need to have patience and choose accurate Cat Toilet Training System to get your cat to learn it. First of all, you have to choose a spot to place the litter box in the house.

Now you have to be very careful to choose this spot, as this is the beginning of cat toilet training. Make the spot that you choose should be near to the toilet in the house.

Choose Spot Wisely

Then the toilet that you choose must have free access for your cat, or in other words that the toilet should be near to the area where your cat spends most of her time.Due to this, your cat will understand that the toilet is the place to do such stuff. Then after sometime move the litter box inside the toilet, and keep the door of that toilet always open. Then after this, you need to raise the height of the litter box. It will not be tough to do that, as all you need to do is to attach some cardboards or think steel sheet around the edges of the litter box to raise it up.

You have to keep increasing the height every week, and as there is more gap of time for changing height.

Final Stage

So it will be really tough for your cat to even realize any change going on. Once the litter box has reached to the exact height of the toilet seat then someday suddenly place the litter box over the toilet seat and attach it with a scotch tape. Now you have to wait for some days to make sure that your cat is habitual of using toilet seat, then now is the time to remove the litter box,and let our cat use the toilet seat for real. This whole process might take very long, but it will really worth a shot.