Socialization is a necessary process and crucial to have a dog behave well. A properly trained and socialized dog worries less and has a good life. Socializing your dog prepares it to live a comfortable life with positive experiences as it lives among other dogs and people. Socialization involves familiarizing your dog with people, dogs, the environment, smells, sounds, sights, etc. A socialized pet is happy and friendly to people and other animals.

On the other hand, an unsocialized dog is anxious and aggressive, accompanied mainly by destructive behavior because of the fear of unfamiliar situations. With a socialized puppy, you don’t need to worry about your dog reacting to situations in a negative way. Here are simple ways to socialize your dog.

Enroll it For Training Classes

If your dog has completed its vaccination, it will be a good idea to start attending puppy classes. It will receive training on basic things from a qualified dog trainer Surrey. These puppy classes involve socialization since puppies become well-acquainted with other dogs and people.

Consider Daily Walks

Consider Daily Walks

Walking your dog every day can improve its socialization. It will help it grow familiar with new environments and people around it. Once it gets used to the street noise and everything else happening outside, it will become less stressed and scary. Keep the dog on a leash and allow it to meet new friends, smell different things, and explore.

Start Early

You can start socializing with your dog at any age. However, beginning early, when the dog is still young, is preferable. This is because puppies can quickly absorb experiences and information before they become anxious about strange things. So, consider puppy training Surrey from three to sixteen weeks. You can check with the trainer about the experiences the puppy should be exposed to during this time. Typically, ensure you expose the dog to unfamiliar people and environments, other dogs and cats, vehicles, urban environments, water bodies, woods, etc.

Familiarize it with New Smells, Sights, and Textures

Ensure your puppy is also acclimated to new smells, sights, and sounds. Your aim is to familiarize your pet with different things. So, let it hear loud sounds like hairdryers, car horns, vacuum cleaners, etc. However, avoid taking the puppy outside if it has not received vaccination.

Introduce the Puppy to New People

Gradually let our dog meet new people daily. Start with individuals and move to larger crowds once it is comfortable. You can introduce it to family members who will be with the puppy frequently before you present it to unfamiliar people. Make sure the dog meets people with different appearances, like children, people with beards, people wearing sunglasses, etc.

Visit Public Places

dog behaviourist Surrey can teach your dog how to behave in public places. So, consider assigning one for your puppy to get accustomed to the environment with many people. Once the dog has completed the vaccination, take a few days before introducing it to crowded places.


These are simple yet effective ways of socializing your dog to ensure it is well-behaved. Nothing feels amazing than having a happy dog in the house that you can take outside without any issues.