Buying the quality pet food, you want to keep proper balance in pet’s diet plan, at a reasonable price is time-consuming as well confusing task for many pet owners. Local stores have a limited range of pet food; so, the on-shelf pet foods hardy meet your specific requirements. The thick existence of online pet care products stores seems simplifying the task to buy pet food online in India but it is not in real. If you too are one of those who are not enjoying the pet parenting as you should, this blog is just for you.

“According to industry estimates, there are over 31 million pets in the country now, with a growth rate of approximately 11%, implying an addition of almost 3 million pets per year.” -mordorintelligence

Issues You Might Be Facing In Getting Cheap Online Pet Food Delivery

When I talk to pet parents about their experience of pet parenting, the very common issue they share is about pet food buying. Getting quality pet food on time without being involved much is the very common concern of pet parenting community. Reasons are different but the concern is almost the same- ‘getting cheap online pet food delivery with consistency meeting the diversity in demand’. The more in common pet food issues discussed are-

fresh dog food

  1. Availability of limited options for pet food
  2. Availability of limited brands to choose the best
  3. Not getting regular updates about the new arrivals by the pet store online
  4. Not getting any support service to buy the best pet food for the particular objective
  5. Not getting any support or guidance for healthy pet care like online vet consultancy
  6. Variation of prices at different stores
  7. Dealing with different pet products stores to buy pet food and pet care accessories
  8. Limited time availability to explore new pet care products stores for every new need

Eight Tips to Get the Best Experience with Online Pet Food Delivery

Healthy pet parenting needs a standard pet food plan and monitoring to make changes as per vet’s recommendation as well as your pet’s behavior. If you face any of the above issues, you can’t enjoy healthy pet parenting that could keep your pet healthy and thus happy. The following experience-based eight tips may help you improve experience with online pet food delivery-

  1. Identify your objective of buying pet food: A wide range of pet food, available at top online pet food stores, provides you enough option to choose the food type based on required supplement like- essential Nutrients, skin health supplements, digestive supplements, immunity booster supplements, neurological function boosting supplements, supplements for mobility, etc.
  2. Understand the Ingredients List: It is important to read the ingredient list of any pet food. Essential one or two protein sources that your pet needs should be mentioned there. The processed and dehydrated proteins and unprocessed proteins are listed separately.
  3. Go through “COMPLETE” Feed: The branded pet food packaging is labeled as “complete”; it is a regulated term that indicates that the food inside is designed to meet the recommended nutritional values for the particular species. Pet foods labeled as “supplemental” fall under ‘treats’ category; these can be an addition to a quality food.
  4. Compare the serving size not the weight: buying the largest pet food bag may not be cost effective if you have one pet. The serving size matters more than the weight. A lower serving size denotes the nutritious values and quality of food; therefore, smaller bag of quality food lasts longer and you save more.
  5. Don’t decide based on advertisements and social trends: It is a common practice to buy the pet food as recommended by a friend or an advertisement. Every pet has different feeding requirements based on species, age, health, and liking. For example, extremely active dogs need more protein in diets.
  6. Find the reputed pet care store: Choosing the best pet food store online for on time pet food delivery may be tricky but you can do it by evaluating reputation through referrals and comments at social media platforms.
  7. Choose the Online Pet Food Store close to you for same day delivery: If you can’t store the pet food for some days, it becomes a must to choose an online pet food store that is close to your location and offers same day delivery through its local supply chain.
  8. Deal with the best online pet food shop not the cheapest one: quality comes at a price. always deal with a pet food store that has impressive online presence, offers comprehensive support for healthy pet parenting, shares updates, stocks the maximum brands, offers the maximum variety in each category, stocks the complete range of pet care accessories also in addition to pet food.

Pro-Tip: Comprehensive customer support for healthy pet parenting is a valuable parameter to scale the performance of the selected pet food store.