Looking at a dog in a moving car, with its head hanging out the window with the lips and the ears flapping merrily with the furious wind is

It looks funny and innocent but we are actually exposing our dog to dangers when part of its body is exposed. This scene can be prevented if we have a plan on how we should be traveling with a pet like a dog. This is especially true if this is a long-distance travel. The important thing to prepare your  pet travel products..

pet travel products

Having our dogs in our travels can be fun if we follow these tips:

Plan for the travel

Search out the routes that you will be passing through. Check out the stopovers and the facilities that you may go through should you need extra food or other materials or for bathroom and exercise breaks

Prepare the things for a pet- friendly travel

Secure the dog collar, leash, ID tag and other pet travel products of your dog. If your dog gets loose from you, you can be sure to find him. It is good to bring a recent picture of the dog.

If traveling at night, especially if there are stopovers, it is good to have a leash that lights up. There are already LED dog collar stand leashes that you can buy and these would help increase the visibility of your dog.

Food water and the dog bowl.

Be sure to bring a sufficient amount of dog food for the entire travel and not rely on the shops in the stopovers. Plenty of water should also be available. A good pet travel product is a bowl. For traveling, but the food grade silicone type that easily collapses and then stored.

Dog car seat cover.

 It is recommended that you restrain the dog when traveling. Allowing the dog to sit beside you or on your lap is no longer advised for safety reasons. Instead, the dog should be restrained snugly. To protect the car seat from the claws of the dog put on a dog car seat cover. Bring blankets, bags for waste disposal and washcloth.These materials will make your cleaning rituals easier with your dog around.

Consult your veterinarian

If these are the first time for the dog to travel, consult with your veterinarian first, this is to know if there are precautions that you should watch out for or if there medicines that you can bring when you travel. An example of this is for motion sickness.