The fish owners should know that, in relation to the type of fish, there are two types of foods: natural and artificial. Natural foods are those produced in the nursery itself, which are consumed by fish. Some examples of these foods are algae, animal microorganisms and dead organic matter. Artificial foods are balanced feed for fish or the like available at www.ZOO-BIO.CO.UK. You can also order several aquarium accessories as well.

Like any pet, aquarium fish need to be fed with proper feed. The ration should be served two to three times a day in sufficient quantity for everyone to eat, but within 3 minutes at most, there is no rest suspended in the water. In the beginning it can be difficult to reach that exact amount and a lot of ration can happen. If this happens, with the help of the net, remove all excess and, next time, reduce the amount.

Another very important point is to research the natural feeding of these animals in their natural habitat, so that they can decide which fish feed to buy. If they are herbivores or carnivores, for example, it is an important discovery and, based on this data, the ideal choice of feed is sought. Some fish, such as Beta fish, have a ration developed especially for them, so it is worth researching if there is a ration for the species of fish that is raised.

It is very important that the feed is provided in such a way as to make it well spread, to facilitate the feeding of all. If the fish are larger, one can provide frozen or live food, such as small worms, daphnia and brine shrimp, two or three times a week.  Put vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and peas in order to eat them, and if there is still any chunk inside the aquarium in 24 hours, remove it to avoid contamination.

Another point that should not be forgotten is the aquarium filter, an important aid in the removal of impurities that may have remained in the water. Living plants help a lot in oxygenation, and in order for them to grow and strengthen, they need enlightenment. For this, the use of aquarium lamps is necessary, in addition to the fact that this type of accessory also contributes to maintain the temperature of the aquarium, an essential factor for the species that live there.

Research into the species ensures that the owner is able not only to choose the best food, but also to provide the best climate conditions, pH and environmental quality, allowing fish to live longer and in some cases up to reproduce in the aquarium itself. With this care, adopting fishes as pet can be a very interesting hobby, and even therapeutic, for those who choose it.