A little love goes a long way. Show some to your pet by getting a comfortable shelter for it. That’s why you should ensure that your dog has suitable accommodation. The weather is very dynamic, and some weather conditions are unfavorable to dogs. To protect your dog or dogs from unfavorable conditions you need to go an extra mile to ask yourself on how much is it to put in a dog kennel is, and invest in the best dog kennels for your dogs.  The coops and cages in Australia have a wide range of dog kennels for you to choose from. All our dog kennels are made to ensure maximum protection of your canines for all weather conditions.

Getting the best Dog kennel

Finding the right dog kennel is not just a piece of cake. Most people get stuck on how much is it to put in a dog kennel is. Well, it could be a difficult decision to make when it comes to allocating a budget of dog kennels.  Almost everyone would think that spending too much on a dog kennel doesn’t make economic sense; others value their dogs in that they would go deeper into their pockets to see their dog stay in a comfortable shelter. There is a class of people who don’t even value dog kennels at all. Their dogs spend years in the varied weather conditions something that is so unjust to animals. To help find out how much you should spend on your dog kennel, you should consider the following factors.

how much is it to put in a dog kennel is

Information- information involves in-depth research on the available dog kennels from various stores and makes the price comparison. Perhaps you will find a store with a dog kennel that meets your home and dog needs within your set budget. The search process becomes a strenuous exercise, especially if you are visiting new sites. However, prior knowledge of some store somewhere could help save your time a lot. With hundreds of animal cage stores in Australia, at coop and cages, we provide quality dog kennels at affordable prices, with warranties, and durable.

The size of your dog & the material of a dog kennel- basically, there are small, medium and large dog kennels, of plastic, wood or metal. A large dog can fit in a metal dog kennel (mesh) measuring 120cm x 80cm x 74cm and this would cost you $169.00. It could also stay in a plastic 99cm enclosure which would cost $209 or even in a wooden one which goes for $ 329.   The small dogs would cost lower prices ranging from $79 for the metal kennels, $99 for plastic ones and $219 for the wooden ones. If your dog is a medium size, a metal dog kennel would cost you $89; a plastic one would cost $129 while the wooden one would cost $219.  With this information, you can decide how much is it to put in a dog kennel and invest in your dog kennels without much hustle. Also if you have many dogs, you will need to spend more on more than one kennel or an extra-large dog kennel to shelter three dogs.

Weather conditions- the weather conditions of where you live with your pet determine how much you spend on your dog kennels. If you live in cold places, a plastic or wooden dog kennels would be the best because they are warm and will provide your pet with necessary warmth. However, these two are a bit expensive as compared to metal. If you live in warmer places, a wooden or a wire mesh kennel will be okay.