When you arrive at home after a long stressful day, your dog welcomes you at the door with that heavenly look in his eyes. That’s when you think that they are too good for the humanity. Well, they are…

Some people keep them locked in dog kennels and cages which is really heartbreaking. Owning a pet is one of the best feelings in the world for sure. But owning them is not only for our pleasure. They also have real health benefits that are wonderful and build up in the well being of the pet and the owner.

Some health benefits pets provide us:

Lower allergies risk:

Though pets dander is one of the most common triggers that leads to allergies. They are also the solution to prevent other nasal allergies as reported by various health surveys and reports. It is noticed that the people who were exposed to farm animals and had pets in their childhood have less risk of asthma development in their teenage or adulthood.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress:

Stress and anxiety issues are the ones that can arise at any age group. It is most common in teenagers and adults as they deal with many issues in their day to day life. That’s why pets are recommended by some doctors as they offer a distraction from the symptoms of mental illness in the people. So, instead of being like a dog in dog kennels, you can be a stray and live free without stress and anxiety.

Heart Health improves:

Our heart is a wild creature that’s why our ribs are cages. But keeping something in the cage will surely have a negative impact. So, keeping your heart safe and healthy is important. And dogs might be the answer to your risks. Dogs are well known to reduce the cardiovascular risk in human beings. Dog owners also have a lower risk of cholesterol issues, and high blood pressure.

Strong Relations and Social Skills:

The more we interact with our pets, the stronger our bond becomes. The statistic shows that more than 50% of people consider dogs as their family member and have a special bond with them. This special relationship is beneficial for our relations too. It is reported that the people who have a good relationship with their pets are more likely to show empathy and confidence as compared to others.

Better Sleep:

Some people get frustrated when their pet snuck themselves into the bedsheets. But don’t push them away. There are 41% people in the world who prefer that their pets sleep with them in their bed because they induce a feeling of security, companionship, and relaxation.

So, free the dogs from dog kennels and provide them a shelter in your own house. Pets take care of you unknowingly, So you have to give back that care and love they give you. Dogs are in fact the most lovable creature on this earth and we should thank the creator for creating something so precious.