Do you really think that you can consider easy dog tricks for beginners without giving the dog treats? Some people might say no that this isn’t possible, while others might say that treats aren’t the only way to reward a dog while training. What is really the truth and how can you train a dog without treats effectively? With this information, you will know more about dog training without giving them treats or rewards. And, you will know how this can be done successfully.

Can you really train a dog without treats?

How to train a dog without treats? Is this really possible, and will it really train a dog, if you don’t give him treats? This is a question that many dog owners are asking.

Dog treats can be expensive, and not everyone has the money to purchase it, just to train a dog. But, now that you know that it is possible to train a dog without the treats, you might be wondering how on earth are you going to do this. This is actually a lot easier than what you might have thought. The only thing that you really need to train your dog successfully is to have a love for the dog.

Make sure that you are playing with the dog while training him

The moment that you are combining playing and training your dog, you will realize that you don’t need to know how to train a dog without treats. He will see training as having fun with his human and will love every moment of it.

When your dog is training and has succeeded in following the command, you are playing with him, before you continue with the training. After a while, you will see that you don’t really need to play with him as a reward. He likes listening to you and will learn commands easier. Without having a single treat at hand.

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Praise can be just as positive as a treat

Dogs don’t understand English. So, why do you want to praise the dog for his good behaviors, if he doesn’t understand anything you are saying. Praising and giving love is giving the same result as giving him a treat. And, it is building your relationship as well.

Yes, he might not understand everything that you are saying. However, he is able to sense that you are proud of him. There are many people that believe that the dog can actually understand what you are saying, but that it isn’t proved yet. No matter what you are thinking, you can use praises to replace a dog treat. Especially, if you are training your special dog that only has respect and love for you. If not, you will need to win his trust before you can teach him without making use of a treat.

Touch him or scratch him on his favorite place when he is doing something right

Touching a dog or scratching him is a sign of affection. And, dogs love this. If you wonder how to train a dog without treats, then here is your answer. By touching him, and scratching him, is the best reward that your dog can ask for. And, it is so much better than a treat that only lasts for a second or two.

The more you are touching your dog, when he gets a new command or trick right, the more he will want to do the trick to get touched more. The secret here is that your dog should love and trust you. Otherwise, he will not be comfortable with you touching and scratching him. Especially behind the ears. You need to make sure that he trusts you completely first.

How to train a dog without giving him a treat? Is this even possible? This is one thing that you should remember. That there are so many other, better ways to reward him for getting a command or trick correctly. The only secret that you should remember is that before you start training a dog, the dog is trusting you 100%. Without complete trust, the dog will not train successfully. With or without a treat. But, you don’t need to have the treat to learn him easy dog tricks for beginners.