Dog clothes are often used to play dress up with your dogs or to show off how adorable they are, but such clothes also have practical functions. The rule of thumb is to choose dog clothes that have a more important purpose than mere amusement. This means that you have to focus on clothes that ensure your dogs’ comfort, safety, and warmth. You can buy any of these from Dog Clothes Australia.


Types of Dog Clothes

The type of dog clothes you have to buy depends on the type of dog you have for a pet and the purpose for buying them. Short coated dog breeds like pugs and frenchies have problems staying warm on their own so they would benefit a lot from dog hoodies, especially in colder temperatures.

These dogs may also benefit from dog coats that can be used during winter. This is also helpful for older dogs who may suffer from joint pain when exposed to cold temperature.

Proper Fitting

The proper fitting of your doc clothes is beyond just being able to wear the clothes. Every part of it must fit comfortably. If this is not properly considered, the dog may end up pawing, nipping, and squirming. Always choose dog clothes that don’t go beyond the waist. This will prevent soiling the clothes whenever they have to pee or poo.

Dog Clothes

Quality and Make of the Clothes

Always choose dog clothes that are made of soft and breathable fabric. An example of this is cotton or premium cotton. When you are looking for raincoats, find one that comes with a durable, light, and waterproof fabric. You also have to check into the clothes’ construction. Tell-tale signs of good manufacturing can be seen in specific details like buttons and seams.

If dog clothes have a printed design, be sure that it is machine pressed. If not, this could peel or fade easily. When you buy online and can’t look into the details, always make sure to stick with reputable sellers that have a lot of positive reviews.

Ease of Use

It’s difficult for us to let dogs wear clothes. So if they have to wear clothes, choose those that are easy to wear and take off. Or else, you will be in a difficult struggle. Consider how this will affect the comfort of the harness or collar. Make sure that you can easily place them in the washing machine. You can find some from Dog Clothes Australia.

Aesthetics and Design

Although the design is not the most important factor, the design will remain as a crucial consideration. Don’t forget to get dog clothes that are based on their fashion sense and personal style. For as long as you consider their comfort and safe usage, there’s no harm in dressing the dogs up.