Finding the right name for your dog sometimes can be difficult. As a matter of fact, you should be careful while choosing a name for your puppy since it can a permanent name for the rest of his life.  As far as uniqueness is concerned while choosing boy dog names, it is also good to choose a name that relates to your dog’s temperament and personality.

 Did you that naming dogs has become a common business in some sites? It is absolutely true that some websites and book are dedicated to assisting people in naming dogs. The following are ten boy dog names as well as their meaning:


Means: Messenger

Buddy is among the lists of the popular names which has long been used and still likely to stay. Buddy is a common name that even those have not yet named their dog, they end up nicknaming their boy dogs name buddy.


Means: Nobleman or Leader

Nobleman or leader is another common name in the history of male dog naming. It became even more popular due to cartoon Great Dane recognized as Marmaduke.

boy dog names


Means: Valiant

Valiant was a traditional name given to a male dog, recently is being used to name both female and male dogs.


Means: Greek God

The dogs which seem to brave and tough are often named as a Zeus. Zeus was derived from a popular television dog.


Means: Lively

Sparky is also among the popular names on TV programs. It became even more famous due to a popular animation series are known as South Park, which was being referred to as one of character dog.


Means: a baker

Baxter is named mostly given to a dog likely to remain a mystery. Despite the fact it’s rarely used to name after dogs, it’s still fairly used name some pets.


Means: A Device or gadget

Gizmo tends famous among the owner’s small toy breeds.


Means: Brown hair

As it means brown hair, to some people it might refer to an image white bulldog. This name can be perfect for a strong, and rather slight awkward looking dog breed.


Means: Meadow Lake

The name Marley more became popular since the common book and the movie know as Marley came into TV scenes.


Means: Lookout or gathers information

Even though this name does not appear in the list of the 50 popular name, also it still exists among a scene of naming boy dogs’ name.


Enjoy naming your dog but and always that you will be required pronounce that name whenever you visit a vet or meet someone as you take your dog a walk or you have to call it if it runs away. Always consider that and it will absolutely assist you to avoid selecting embarrassing names.