Freshwater fish attracts the market due to the high trading opportunity. So, freshwater fishes are considered as much important one for human society. In Thailand the trade opportunity for freshwater fishes are and also we may observe a huge variety there. In this article let us see some of those varieties of freshwater fishes briefly.

Rhinoceros Fish: This freshwater fish belongs to the family called the cichlid. Usually, this kind of fish lives in rivers that have contact with the big rivers. If we look at the country Thailand this fish was distributed everywhere. This kind of fish can be seen on a large scale. The Rhinoceros fish are having sharp and strong teeth. It has the ability to grow longer.

Leaf fish: This kind of fish also can be called a Plaid. Most of the time this kind of fish can be found in stagnant water and also in rivers. Because its body looks like a leaf named a leaf fish. Based on the dorsal fins it will be easy to distinguish the fish as male and female.

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Tilapia: This is similar to the cichlids family but it will appear black and white. But the dorsal fins are looking greenish brown. The larva is the major food for this food. It will grow as fast as possible and may grow up to 10 – 30 cm long.

Consuming freshwater fish (ปลาน้ำจืด) delivers a lot of benefits to human society and further let us see some of the benefits briefly here.

  • Having freshwater fish regularly at least two serves per week will improve cardiovascular-related diseases. Though there are certain fishes that contain a certain amount of mercury still freshwater fishes are healthy to consume.
  • Freshwater fishes are having high protein content and less fat. Moreover, vitamins B6, B12, D, and calcium are the other required nutrients available in freshwater fish.
  • The research studies recommend to people have saltwater fish along with freshwater fish to gain the EPA and DHA acids. As freshwater fishes are not having omega 3 fatty acids still freshwater fishes are recommended to consume them to get the full benefits of that.
  • Actually, freshwater research is needed to know more about their benefits and their cultivation because of increased demands. Aquaculture can be created and used to do research on the fish where the testing and developing of the strategy can be done for the huge production. This will enable the profitable process.