CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD oil is extracted from the CBD-rich cannabis plant through a process called “cold extraction”. CBD For Cat Seizures does not use a solvent but uses low temperatures to separate the desired cannabinoids from other elements.

Cats and Seizures

There’s no denying that new cat parents are often highly motivated to seek out any solution that might help their young kitten overcome fear, anxiety, or separation distress. Those with senior cats caring for them know it can be just as challenging at their stage of life. At this point in their lives, the senior cat is no longer able to go outside for a bit of exercise and fresh air. Instead, they must maintain their health to ensure the best possible quality of life in the remainder of their time on earth. As a result, preventing or curbing cat seizures can be a vital aspect of caring for aging cats.

CBD For Cat Seizures

CBD and Seizures

The effectiveness of CBD oil as an anti-seizure medication has long been debated. In fact, many have sought out alternative therapies to treat seizures since CBD oil does not directly target any neurotransmitters that could potentially stimulate seizure activity. However, many pet parents have reported their cats suffering from seizures while they were taking CBD oil. If a cat did not have any underlying medical concerns that might cause any signs of seizures, this could be the result of a very rare side effect caused by the different delivery methods in which some companies are using.

CBD as an Anti-Seizure Treatment

CBD has been reported to be effective at treating seizures in pets. It is also currently approved by the FDA for use in humans as an anti-seizure medication. The most common condition that it is used to treat is epilepsy, but it has been proven to be effective for several other types of seizures. It has also been shown to help prevent seizures from occurring in some patients as opposed to treating them after they have already happened.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD oil is safe and non-toxic, regardless of the delivery method that the product uses. The only way that CBD oil would cause any harm is if your pet consumed a large quantity. However, it’s important to ensure you know exactly what type of CBD oil you’re giving your pet in order to avoid an accidental overdose caused by a hidden ingredient or additive within the product itself.