We all love our pet dogs and expect that the pet dog may live till ripe old age. After that, your pet dog may peacefully drift away in their sleep very comfortably in their own home. You must understand that any natural death for quite a few dogs may result in long-drawn suffering and stress.

Zen Dog Veterinary Care can help you provide your dog with a peaceful death and say goodbye without much suffering and pain. The following are a few things that can help you to prepare thoughtfully for the euthanasia of your dog.

  • You may offer your dog a big party

You can say this is his day and do not feel guilty about yourself as you are making your best effort to make his departure as comfortable as possible with your decision.

  • Script the right setting of your dog’s last chapter story

Besides working with your veterinarian, a few growing veterinary medicines are also available that is dedicated only to customized home-based euthanasia for dogs. Better try to euthanize your pets where they feel most comfortable.

  • Bring the props

Besides creating all the settings and characters, you may try to bring “props” for making the sad appointment somewhat brighter. You must know that your dog will feel relaxed by some type of music.

  • Make advanced payment

Most vets will make all the necessary paper-works that are necessary for the event. It will be good to make all the required payments in advance so that you do not need to contact the vet again.

Zen Dog Veterinary Care

  • Understand what you can expect

Our heart, as well as the dog’s body, are fragile during the last journey. Hence both need gentle care throughout the whole process. Your veterinarian will offer you all possible help to make this process smooth.

  • Let your veterinarian place a catheter

An IV catheter is a one-time step needed in this procedure. It is designed for saving the dog from any pain or any kind of anxious moments later.

  • Let your veterinarian administer a sedative injection

Your veterinarian is going to administer the sedative injection during the last moment and allow him to do it in a comfortable manner so that your dog remains in peace.

  • Keep saying loving words

Try to say all possible loving words to your dog so that he can hear. Usually, the hearing sense remains in the dog till the last moment and hence your loving word will be heard by your dog.

  • Don’t feel guilty

You can ask all possible questions that come to your mind during and after the process to your veterinarian and there is no need to feel any sense of guilt.

  • Take care of your dog’s body

You can now do the last rites of your dog and take care of the body carefully.

This holistic Veterinary Care can offer all the necessary support for your dog during his last days and you may visit their website at for any inquiry or support.