Pets are an integral part of life for those who adore animals so much.However, traveling with pets is a nerve-wracking task as it requires a lot of things to take care of. There are several different methods for moving with pets. Amongst all of them flying is the fastest way to transport your pets either domestically or internationally. Yet, there are some restrictions or sometimes pets are not comfortable with air travel. Therefore you need to find suitable alternatives to ship your pet to your desired location.

So, in this article we will discuss three different alternative methods of transporting pets and some predicaments that should be followed while traveling with pets.

So, let’s start:

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is the safest and the most comfortable way of moving anywhere with your pet. Most of the pet shipping companies in the USA also prefer transporting pet-animals by road, at least for domestic shipments. Moreover, they also provide door to door services in exchange for a reasonable cost.

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Some useful tips for safe ground transportation of pets:

  • If you are driving your own while traveling with your pet, keep your pet in a sturdy and well-ventilated travel crate and of course keep the crate on the backseat of your car. Properly buckle the crate with the seat belt and also with a harness for extra security. Shut your car’s windows as in case the crate’s door gets open, the pet won’t flee out of fear. Additionally, if you are taking your pet without a crate, separate the front portion of your car from the backside, add a pet barrier behind the backside of the front seats.
  • Gather road permits and other equivalent endorsements for cross country shipping as well as transportation across the country.
  • Arrange an appointment with a licensed vet for a complete health check up of your pet. Update all the medical records and vaccination certificates and also make it signed by an accredited vet. Ask him how to deal with the animal’s health issues in transit. Make other necessary immunization done if needed. There might be some specific medical certificate requirements according to different countries’ or states’ distinctive pet policies.
  • If you are planning to hire a professional transporter, make sure that your pet is always attended by an expert pet attendant.
  • Never leave your pet alone in the parking lot in a locked car, not even with the A.C on. Because, if somehow the car’s engine stops working, A.C will also be stopped and your pet might be suffocated. Additionally, don’t keep your pet inside the car in weather extremes as if the car’s roof becomes heated they might get heat stroke. Simultaneously, in winter they might freeze inside the car if that is parked in the frosty parking space.
  • Never feed your pet immediately before heading to the journey. Make the process done at least 3 to 4 hours earlier from moving. Instead of giving it dry supplements, provide it with wet food and let it drink less than usual before traveling.

Railway Transportation

As per the regulations of the Pet’s Train Act (H.R 674), HSUS supports small animals, emotional support animals or service animals to travel with their owners by some specific trains. Some railroad travel companies are also allowed to transport pets by railway service. The best of the train travel is you can keep your pet in a private cabin and the responsibility of taking care of your pet is totally in your hand. Additionally, you can take your pet away to roam for a while whenever the train halts between long routes.

Sea Transportation

Besides ground transportation, pets can be transferred to different places by sea routes too. Several professional pet shippers transport pets via a few special cruise liners. For instance, Queen Mary 2 is such a commercial ship that provides inter-continent pet transportation. After ground transportation, sea routes are the preferred choice for some pet owners. Such cruise liners have some particular pet policies and guidelines to be followed by the pet owners. As this kind of travel is really popular, it requires a proper reservation at least one year in advance. And the important part is to contact your vet to ask him how to deal with the pet’s sea sickness.

Through the sea shipping, your pet will travel in a kennel and all its needs would be supervised by expert attendants. You are also allowed to meet your pet and feed it if you want.