As a dog parent, it is your job to buy him the perfect lead or leash for various reasons. It may be your adorable puppy or an older dog for whom you want to choose the right dog leash and therefore you should keep several points in mind to get the best for your pup. Obviously, personal choice does play a substantial role on this ground, but it can be somewhat tricky to choose from a wide variety of effective dog leads.

Suitable lead for puppy

The accessory needs of newborn or growing puppies much differ from that of older dogs. At first, you should concentrate on the point that the chosen lead for your puppy will neither be too heavy nor so much long. It should be of right length so it hangs comfortably without pulling on his neck. Another important aspect to take into account is the materials of retractable dog lead as each kind of lead material offers advantages & disadvantages to the puppy. For instance, fabric leads appear lightweight, strong & soft to the hands of owner as well as to the delicate neck area of your puppy.

Suitable lead for the dogs that often pull

Several accessories are created to try to prevent a dog from pulling, but this is not a good training technique. You cannot stop your pooch pulling so often, rather this type of behaviour can be reduced to some extent by giving him positive training. That is why choosing a perfect lead or leash for such dogs can be quite challenging on your part. However, head collar is a kind of dog lead that effectively works to lessen pulling of your dog by controlling his head. You can take resort to a shorter lead in order to avoid any shaking of the pup’s head.

Suitable dog lead for training session

You will easily find a wide variety of dog leads that offer immediate solutions to common training issues. When the dog grows little older, the lead choice then depends on three different factors – durability, aesthetics & flexibility. If you consider all these aspects while choosing the right lead for your dog’s training period, you will be able to find the best one that suits your needs and fixes the training problems as well.

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