A pet really does become a part of your family. It has the capacity to love you unconditionally, and you will find that you quickly fall in love with the pet. If you were to ever lose your pet, you would feel heartbroken. One way to reduce the risk of losing your pet if it decides to wander off is to use a microchip. You can find low cost microchips, making it possible to keep your pet safe while staying within your budget. The following are some of the most important reasons to chip your pet, even if it remains largely indoors.

Increase Your Chance of Finding Your Lost Pet

It is very common for pets to run off and get lost, even those who spend most of their time indoors. By micro chipping your pet, you increase the chance you will find them, even with discount microchips. Most lost pets that enter a shelter never are reunited with their owners. However, those who have a chip implanted have a significantly higher chance of being reunited with their owners.

Permanent ID

Many owners feel that tags are sufficient identification if their pet gets lost. However, collars and tags can come off. Your pet might get caught on a fence and squeeze out of their collar, losing any identification. The tags might come off the collar as well, or they might simply become difficult to read over time thanks to normal wear and tear. Someone might steal the pet and take off any identification, so you have no way of proving it is your pet. Using discount microchips changes things, however. You will have a permanent identification for your animal. This not only helps you to find them when they are lost, but you can also prove they are your animal if required.

Unique ID

The benefit of a microchip is that it has a unique ID number. It does not simply store your information; it holds a number that is registered with a pet recovery service. When the pet is found and scanned, the number will come up. Then, the vet or other official will contact the service to find your contact information is up to date. Because it is a number stored on the chip, you can easily update your contact information whenever you need to. However, this does mean that you need to keep your contact up to date whenever you move or change phone numbers. You also have to register the chip so that it has the best chances of being recovered.

Resources to Help You Find Your Pet

Some microchips come with more than just storage for your contact information. Some also will have ways that help you to find your pet by sending out alerts about any lost pets to their members. This helps to increase the chance that someone will find your pet. There might be other additional services involved, even on low cost microchips.

Buying discount microchips makes it possible to protect your pet while staying within your budget. Micro chipping is a safe way to provide a permanent identification system for your pet in case anything ever happens to it. Just remember that to get the most out of the system, you have to register the chip and continually update your contact information.