Pets are an important part of family and they should be taken care of as family. Grooming is an important part of the routine and it helps to improve their overall well being. Grooming involves cleaning and combing the coat, bathing, drying, clipping the nails, cutting fur, dental hygiene and cleaning eyes and ears. There are a number of grooming supplies to carry on different tasks. These tools help the owner to carry on grooming efficiently and effectively.

Grooming time acts as bonding time and helps the owner and the pet to develop a close bond. The groomer has to play a close attention to the animal and check for parasites and skin infections while cleaning the pet. The next step is to remove mats and tangles with the help of detangle solution and matting rake. After detangling the next step is to clip and trim the fur. This step has to be done very carefully to not hurt the skin with the sharp edges. Always choose clippers and scissors with blunt edges. The next step is to brush the hair with brushes to loosen the dirt and grime on the skin. Then you have to give a bath in a bath tub or with the help of a hand shower. After bath completely dry the pet using towels and a dryer. The last step includes cleaning the ears, eyes, brushing teeth and trimming the toe nails.

To start a grooming session the owner should have all the grooming supplies like a faucet sprayer, bath tub that fits your pet, shampoo and conditioners, dry towels, dryer, clippers and scissors, solutions to clean ears and eyes, tooth brushes and tooth paste. All these supplies can be purchased from a pet store, pet grooming centres, pet care departments of super markets or online stores. These supplies come in different shapes and sizes. The owner has to be carefully pickup the tools which suit his pet.

Another option for grooming your pets is to take them to a grooming centre or a spa. These centres have customised products and tools to cater to the different breeds. Your pet will be pampered and made comfortable in these centres. But it is important to let the pet to be comfortable with the new surroundings and people before starting the session. Never leave the pet alone with the groomers in the initial sessions as it may be stressful to the animal and it starts hating these sessions. Start with a short session and gradually increase the timings.

Healthy and clean pets do not transfer infections in the home. Grooming regularly is the only way to keep them clean and happy. Groom your pets regularly with proper tools and enjoy their company without fear of infections and diseases.